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Since 2009, VIP Studios produced live action & 3D animated video content for clients primarily in the Education, Health & Tech industries. In the past 3 years alone, over 60 projects were produced by our production company! During this time, we noticed that what many clients needed technological tools as much as they needed video. So we've expanded our offerings & are re-branding as Cross-Industry Innovations.

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Cross-Industry Innovations uses its unique perspective on entertainment & technology to act as a liason between & bring together the highest vision for the good of both sides!

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Cross-Industry Innovations Founder, MichelleLynn, is a Millenial expert published in “2 Billion Under 20: How Millennials are Breaking Down Age Barriers & Changing the World.” Her experience ranges from building award winning robot control systems & interning at NASA to video journalism for the NFL, producing promotional videos for startups featured in TechCrunch, & technical operations for IMAX VR. During her free time, she performs yoga to de-stress (as pictured above). Now she's using her array of expertise to build bridges across industries, maximizing effectiveness & innovation through Cross-Industry Innovations.

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